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Hello there, I’m TinTin and I want to start by welcoming you to my site:)

My passion for fashion has gone as far as I can remember! Fashion has always been my forte. I always try to look and feel good in what I wear, but one thing I always notice (especially when I dress for events or occasions) are the compliments and admiration I get from others at each event I go to. I’m not exaggerating, but I’ve never failed in getting more than a nod in the way I dress or the kind of shoe I wear as well as the accessories that goes with it. Even when I dress down on a more casual level, those around me tend to ask where I got the outfit from.

My taste in fashion…

To be honest, I do have an expensive taste, hence attracted to more than a high street brand. Not because I purposely go for branded stuff, but my genuine likeness for something ends up being quite expensive, ouch! For instance, a close friend decided to carryout an experiment on me (although she already knows about my expensive taste). We went down to a shop, and she picks two of the same type of wear or shoe and ask me to pick the one I like best without seeing the price tag, my choice always ends up been the most expensive out of the two! Well, I must say I got this trait from my dad though, so I can’t really blame myself as it’s in my blood I guess.

Fashion in the real sense…

You don’t need to break a bank to buy what you can look good in, unless you can actually afford a branded clothing, shoe or accessory. It all comes down to the way you put things together that can either get people staring either positively or negatively at you, or people tend not to show any interest in what you wear. I’ve come across people that despite what they are wearing to be really expensive, but it’s either they get the stare of how horrible they look in it, or fail to notice what they have on.

From those I get verbal compliments from, I tend to give them some tips in regards to where I got the items and my decision of choosing the particular wear I had on for the event or occasion. By creating this site, I tend to hopefully help in providing tips on what is appropriate to wear to a particular type of setting and also try to recommend places of where to get the items from.


You can leave a message below and please don’t be a stranger to this website as I’ll be providing latest fashion tips that might catch your fancy!

Lots of Love,

TinTin Ruby.




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