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From a meteorological perspective, winter starts tomorrow 1st of December, hence the expectation is that it’s going to get a lot colder in the UK, thus we know what the fashion trend will look like from December to February next year, and even beyond for people like me who can’t stand the cold!

I’m one of those that joke about how some people dress like a masquerade during winter, but of course one needs to keep very warm once you step out of the house, although we can also look trendy whilst we are at it, and still turn heads even with our coat on when going out for an occasion during the cold season. For me, fashion is bliss, and would love to always stand out in the way I dress and accessorise.

Winter Coat in Fashion

Normally, during the winter season, I do dress down most of the time, as I tend to mostly stay home under the comfort of my duvet and central heating, but if I have to go out and need to make an extra effort in what I wear, I make sure I put on one of my trendy coats.

Using the word “trendy” does not mean going out to buy expensive wears, but having a good eye and patience in sourcing out good deals will enable one to land a good fashionable wear.

So folks, be on the look out for those nice looking winter accessories, if you haven’t got a nice looking collection already.

Here are some recommended winter fashion clothing and accessories trending now.