How well do you know your style?

I’ve got style. I’m confident to say I’ve got style. I just blend into whatever I wear. Well, how do you know you’ve got it?

It’s a Full Package!

Style sure comes as a full package. It’s not just about what you wear, or how you wear it, it’s also about the way you carry yourself with what you wear and the accessories that comes with it. Even if it seems strange to some, knowing your style and the confidence and swag that comes with it, depicts who we are as an individual.

Obviously we need to draw the line, as there’s a limit to going over the top. In as much as we are confident about what we wear, there’s a thin line between moderation and eccentricity!

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One thought on “How well do you know your style?”

  1. I believe style is very important to be responsible and look good. Yeah I believe your style defines who your are as a person and makes you unique from everyone else. Good topic I’m eager to hear what more people have to say.

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