Hot summer fashion trends, WooHoo!

DSC04522-EDDSC04480-EDSummer is almost over! Sad, but keeps one hoping for even a better summer season next year, so hey, we’ve got enough time to plan ahead!

My Vacation

I went to Dubai in July this year (2017) for the first time, and before I traveled, each time I tell people where I’m going for my vacation, I was told it wasn’t really a good time to visit the city. Why? It’s actually the hottest period in Dubai!

Well, I’ve booked my tickets now, so I can’t cancel and re-book since it’s a closed one, hence needed to make sure I travel with the most convenient summer clothing.

Hot Summer ClotDSC04623-EDhing

I live in the UK, thus I’ve got more clothing for the cold seasons (i.e., autumn, winter and even spring!) than summer. First off, I neeDSC04405-EDded to make sure I had the proper summer wears before going to spend money on any, but at the same time, I needed to consider having the hot summer clothing that goes with today’s fashion trend.

Aren’t I lucky?

After almost an hour of searching my wardrobe, I was able to find a few gowns fit for casual dinner outings, swimwear and other casual attires, hence I didn’t have to spend a dime.

I had a good holiday after all, since I had the right summer wears that fitted each occasion:-)

One thought on “Hot summer fashion trends, WooHoo!”

  1. Wow Dubai would be such a cool place to be theres a reason they call it the city of gold. My dad works in the middle East and he was in Dubai in May and said it was in the 120s, that’s too. You definitely needed your summer clothes and I’m glad you found everything you needed and didn’t have to spend any money. Safe travels. Good article.

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